Lovelywoods event tomorrow

This week, (around my usual jobs of school runs, packed lunches, tea-times, clubs and clearing up a seemingly endless stream of child-related clutter!) I have been preparing for the 2nd Lovelywoods event, to be held tomorrow afternoon.

Two Phoenix colleagues started in November 2011 with their first event, and asked me to join them to organise this second one. It was borne out of a desire to be part of an event where ALL the stalls have something that you want to buy! We have pooled our ‘little black books’ of fabulous Traders that we have met at different venues, and also friends and family members who have special crafty or culinary talents. I have really enjoyed being involved in the planning, and I’m looking forward to getting there and seeing everyone enjoy the lovely range of stalls we have brought together.

It’s great to finally enjoy the work that I do, and to get satisfaction from it! I feel I have finally found work that fits me, rather than juggling work, family and time. The thing that never ceases to amaze me is quite how much Phoenix work I can get done, simply by virtue of slotting it in around my everyday life. This week I have stickered brochures over a glass of wine (or two!) with my hubby, I have packed my cards ready for tomorrow whilst catching up with a friend, and I have delivered local orders to customers whilst out and about on my daily routine.

Today I met a school friend for a pub lunch and popped in to see another friend at her local shoe shop – always a lovely thing to do 😉 I dropped off some leaflets about our event tomorrow and gave her, and her customers, the new Spring supplement!

Some things will always be there to try us, though. Yesterday I had packed my stock up early, ready to take to my Phoenix friend’s house at tea-time. After negotiating a quick car-swap with my Mum, so hubby was covered to give her a lift into town, I set off to my friend’s house in Mum’s car. As I arrived and opened the car boot it dawned on me that all my stock was prepared and ready….in OUR car! Ughh….

Tonight it’s time to stop, and look forward to it all coming together tomorrow. The kids have booked themselves in for a sleep-over at Nan’s, and Mum and Dad are going to enjoy some peace and quiet. ‘Night all!


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