Anniversary surprise

Today marks the 12th Anniversary of meeting my lovely hubby 🙂 I really don’t know where the time has gone but I do know that our lives and priorities have changed an awful lot in that time.

It’s no secret that I love shoes. I have always loved shoes. It’s a passion that took a bit of a knock when the kids came along and, somehow, spending £?! in Clarks on a pair of school shoes insidiously takes precedence! Not long after the birth of our daughter, sick of wearing flats for nine months, I splashed out on a pair of red suede Mary Janes with a stiletto heel because I loved them. Everyone said they were impractical, and that I would ‘not get the wear from them’. I have worn them to death ever since.

Since starting my own business my one silent promise to myself was that I would, some day in the near future, buy myself a pair of shoes that I loved, just because I wanted them. I found THOSE shoes at a Spring Launch last week, at Unshoesual – the shop of a friend, Lara, I met through my Phoenix business…..oh, how I love my job!

I determined that this was the month to buy these lovely shoes. It’s Mother’s Day, my birthday month, and we have our Lovelywoods event today, so I was feeling certain that I could justify the spend 😉

This morning my husband presented me with THE SHOES! I was amazed (and very chuffed!) He had gone to the shop yesterday and found that Lara closed at 4pm! He then managed to contact Lara by lifting her number from my mobile phone. He explained that he’d like to get the shoes to give me as a surprise today, and Lara arranged to meet him at her shop, out of hours.

Now THAT’S Customer Service, and one very happy customer who’ll be back for more!


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