What IS on the High Street?

My obsession with all things stationery is becoming a bit of a legend and, some might say, making me appear dull….I can deal with it! This, however , is far from dull and would brighten up any day in the office – at home or work.


Fab hilighter pens from Not On The High Street

Fab hilighter pens from ‘Not On The High Street’


I love this, and I like to support smaller companies. ‘Not on the High Street’ helps the consumer to do that in some respects, but we don’t always know where our purchases originate. Running my own business has made me more considerate about my buying habits. I have come across some lovely items whilst supporting local businesses and spending less of my cash in the large High Street stores. I think I still have a long way to go in my attempts to be a more savvy and ethical consumer.

I recently read about a family trying to support British business, and I was really impressed by their efforts. In their contribution to boost the economy and support British industry, The Bradshaws have pledged to buy only British products during 2013. You can see their progress, and trials, on their blog, A Truly British Family, well worth a read. The biggest surprise seems to have been that many items we take for granted are not actually British, but imported by British companies.

It also made me think of my ex-pat best friend, now residing in USA. She often makes pleas for Yorkshire tea bags, Walker’s crisps and Irn Bru, which just aren’t comparable or replaceable! Maybe when there is a plethora of choice for us every day we forget the home-grown items at our finger tips?

You can see a list of British suppliers on the blog, and you can happily add Phoenix Trading to that for your cards and stationery.

What’s your favourite British product or business?


Union Jack Heart from Phoenix Trading. Greeting cards made in the UK.

‘Union Jack Heart’ from Phoenix Trading. Greeting cards made in the UK.




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