Organising our home

We live in a 1950’s semi which is solid, and roomy, and we love it. One of the draw-backs is that we have filled the rooms. This is not a problem unless we begin decorating or renovating, whereby all that ‘stuff’ has to be housed somewhere else.

We are undertaking a number of projects at home at the moment. We didn’t intend to have them all running concurrently….it just sort of rolled into a steady rumble of chaos! I have recently realised that my husband is a perfectionist. Whilst admirable, this does mean he is less apt than myself to expedite a project and run for the finish post. It has to be just so….

So…., we have a ‘project pending’ in the toilet. We got as far as installing a new bathroom but, since the toilet is in a separate room, it didn’t get the same treatment at the time. It became one of those unforseen BIG projects, since the plaster fell off when the toilet was installed. Cue major plastering job.

We have a project underway in the hall and stairs. Since the plaster came off with the old anaglypta wallpaper we have recently had the whole area re-plastered. We are now in the throes of stripping back the heavily glossed door frames in order to stain them, and then paint the walls. The carpet is ordered and waiting patiently in a local carpet shop….I am desperate for it to replace the naked wooden stairs. Hubby is sanding everything in sight and cooing over the silky finish. It’s an endearing sight, if wearing a little thin πŸ˜‰

I have resigned myself instead to manage things which are the ‘little’ jobs that get overlooked. I came across this article on Buzz Feed, which gave me hope to tackle the ‘stuff’, whilst hubby coos over the woodwork! I particularly like the idea of switching your hangers to easily show up the clothes you don’t use!


wardrobe clear-out


I have also organised our ‘stuff’ into boxes, weeding out the items that are used less. I have set some aside and, if not used before the projects are completed, they will be heading off for eBay or our local charity shop. It’s amazing how many items we have accrued over the years and I know we are more frugal than many of our friends!

It just so happens that all of this disorganisation has arisen in the midst of the kids’ birthdays and some calendar events for my business! It looks like we will be busy for the next couple of months πŸ˜€




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    Apr 25, 2013 @ 19:17:01


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