Could I become a Phoenix Trader?

‘YES!’ is the short answer!

It doesn’t matter if you live next-door to me, in the Outer Hebrides or in Australia – you can join my Phoenix Team and run your independent business from home.

Phoenix Trading is inexpensive to join – the Joining Offers contain everything you need to get started for only £75, and now includes stock to sell, an invaluable Business Manual and free personal website, which you can choose to upgrade to an e-commerce site. There is also a larger kit available at £200, which gives great discounts on the beautiful greeting cards and stationery and a huge boost to your new business.

There is NO minimum purchase requirement with Phoenix – EVER! Once you have joined you order as and when you please.

There is an annual renewal fee of £25 which is reduced, or free, if you choose to develop your own Team.

You will NEVER be pressured to buy stock, run a Team or work more hours than you want. You are, literally, your Own Boss! If you would like to know more about real Trader experiences you can read true stories on my website.

I am part of a friendly local Team of  Independent Phoenix Traders and am available to give as much, or as little, support as you require. Phoenix has proved to be the perfect employment opportunity for me with my young family, and I would love to welcome you to my Team!

Find Out More or Join my Team here!


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